Jillian Northrup's Bio

Jillian with Big Bike
Jillian Northrup is an interior designer, artist, and photographer.

Jillian's background is based in interior design, graphic design, photography, and art. Since 2006 she has been the co-founder of the design-build studio Because We Can.

On every project she is immersed in interior, furniture, and product design from small decorative pieces to large and complex projects. She loves to run projects with focus on great communication, creative problem solving, and efficient operations. She also runs the creation and production of all marketing materials, project photography, and branding. Prior to founding Because We Can, Jillian worked as a graphic designer and photographer for a variety of commercial clients and large retail companies.

In her non-existent moments of spare time she likes to escape to her painting studio, play drums with her band, design furniture for her house, and plan theme ideas for her next cocktail party.