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Internal Renovations

We've given the office a few renovations for the new year. Here are some quick snapshots of the new pieces we've made.
Our office drawing storage table is a wonderful addition to our ever growing pile of architectural drawings that we need to keep on hand in the office.
And rolls around smoothly on it's awesome big red wheels!


To accomodate our ever growing staff, we've had to add a longer table in the kitchen.
This bamboo table cantilevers off the wall to give plenty of room for stretching our out.


The news sliding barn doors to the meeting room & library allow the natural light to come in through their 1/2" thick frosted acrylic panels. Yummy.


Inside the meeting room & library is all books and table. We have a lot of reading to do!
And now we can easily see our reference library with the integrated lighting in the shelving.


Hooray for upgrades!

Forgotten Fridays Wooden Slat Chair Design

Sometimes, as it happens, we are hired to create designs that, for one reason or another, never come to life.
These designs tend to get filed away, sometimes brought out again, but mostly just logged and stored in their client folder.

Here we can showcase and celebrate the most interesting ones that may someday again breath life!

This chair, for example, would be made of a solid walnut. A bent / formed piece of walnut acts as an arm rest on the side.

M:\BWC Bucket\Shared Revit Library\Textures\wood\walnut\Chairs_Project V2.pdf

The base swivels so the chairs can face each other or not, and an iPad mount sits on the side for browsing information.

M:\BWC Bucket\Shared Revit Library\Textures\wood\walnut\Chairs_Project V2.pdf

A fun, sleek chair that can act as a meeting chair or personal iPad console.

M:\BWC Bucket\Shared Revit Library\Textures\wood\walnut\Chairs_Project V2.pdf



.... We are opening our doors for Because We Can's 2015 Big New Year open house.

.... We'll be starting at 6PM and going until 8PM.

Come hang out and see our newly renovated digs. We've been working hard to clean the place up, and streamline our production flow for our upcoming projects. Speaking of upcoming projects - boy have we got some cool stuff in the works!
So come by and watch us strut our stuff!
We'll have some snacks, some drinks, and lots of interesting things to chat about.
It's a great time to drop by and talk shop with us, if you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

Kids welcome, but it is a shop and a party. Lots of sharp corners. And they might learn some interesting new words!

6PM - 8PM

2500 Kirkham St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 922-8846
Click here for the Google Map.
.... All are invited, so come on by! We'd love to see you.


Talking with Robots about Architecture- Jeffrey McGrew at The Interval

Tickets have just gone on sale to see our own Jeffrey McGrew talking at the Interval later this month.
He will be talking about the future and present of building, and show some references to The Interval itself .

The Interval at Long Now
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (PST)

Get Tickets!


"What's happening now and what will be tomorrow in the technology of building buildings? Change comes both slowly and quickly in the building industry. New technology leads to new ways of working, but also sometimes makes older ways of working viable again. The flow of innovation in design and construction is not easy to predict, but it's fascinating to track. Our next talk will tour some of the most recent developments and give perspective on how we got here and what's coming next."

Oakland Home Renovation, Part2

As this Oakland Hills home project moves swiftly forward, we have made great progress.
All of the exterior walls are up and waterproofed, the new energy efficient windows installed, and the new roof complete.


The interior steel beams are in place in the ceiling, allowing this large open family room, dining room & kitchen to be one large grand open space.

The skylight with exposed timber framing will let beautiful natural light into the large open room. The light will trickle down the stairway that it spans above. Giving natural light to the open stairway and soon to be installed slide! (that will be exciting!)

The wall of large open windows give a striking view of the Oakland Hills and the Bay beyond.

The new downstairs room will be a casual den & play room for the kids.

And finally, the back yard terracing is coming along well with stairs and landings for fruit trees and garden space.

Shyp Kiosks

We've just finished up some really pretty kiosks for Shyp, for the holidays.


Made of a Sycamore hardwood, we contrasted the busy quality of this wood with clean modern lines in the construction.


The logo letters were cut out & painted separately before adhering them to the front of this store display kiosk.



In their final place as a promotional display and service at the Banana Republic stores across the US for the holidays.


Because We Can Christmas Trees!

We've been busy little elves at the shop this week! Buckling down on the in-house office and shop renovation, not to mention decorating for the holidays. It's time to pull out the old BWC Christmas trees!
When we released these trees back in 2008, we were a much smaller company. Nowadays, we keep plenty busy with our Architectural and Interiors projects, and don't sell the trees anymore. Of course we kept a few though, and bring them back out every year for the holidays.
We love experimenting with different materials. Here's one in acrylic that sits in our front window that I took a picture of just this morning, and one made of felt that, while deconstructed, does a fine job of garnishing the office fruit bowl.
We like to think our designs through pragmatically as well as aesthetically. So of course these trees break down into small convenient to store little packages. Wonderfully compact!
Some people who bought trees sent us photos of what they did with them. Some of the ideas are really fun!
This person went classic, painting their tree green and adding red and gold baubles, and this person painted theirs fun colors and threaded EL wire around the edges!
Here's a shop in LA that uses our tree in their window display, and one all lit up with Christmas cheer!
And here's a little bonus video, Jillian assembling and disassembling the big tree, to show how it's done:

Happy Holidays!

BWC Meetup at The Interval - this Thursday the 18th, starting at 7

Meet up with us and help celebrate an amazing year at an amazing place: The Interval at The Long Now.

We'll have the back room this Thursday, December 18th, from 7 PM on, and we'd love to see you there.

The Interval is in the Fort Mason center San Francisco.

Close to several bus lines, plenty of free parking out front, and a paid lot right outside the front door.

The Interval has a full bar, wonderful snacks, great coffee and tea for the non-drinkers, and the restaurant Greens is right next door.

Come drink with us, share stories about your year, and help us raise a toast to the new Chalkboard Robot.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tree Wall for ClifBar

We just finished another internal project for ClifBar in Emeryville, CA.
This 'Tree Wall' is a way they award and congratulate outstanding people within their company, adding a leaf to the tree for each person.


A simple construction, drawn with vector lines on the computer, and then cut on the CNC.


We blocked the tree off the wall so it could get around conduit lines and uneven beams.


We needed to design the trees to go around the existing larger tree & already wall mounted bird houses.


The wall has a fun, crafty look, and is now ready for more leaves to be presented during their honoring ceremony.


See the other internal promotional walls we've done for ClifBar here & here!


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