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The Red Party

Last night we had the first of a series of color themed cocktail parties. The first color was RED. Everyone brought red food, red drinks and dressed all in red. Some dressed to the nines and some more casual, but it was all RED, RED, RED- and it was fantastic! I had my photo studio set up and used the party as an opportunity to test out taking photos of people, something I had not used it for yet. Everyone had to have their photo taken as they came in the door. And, as every one looked absolutely fantastic dressed all in red, it was pretty easy to get good photos.
Only one person (my own Uncle!) defied the rules as dressed all in blue with a sign on his back that read: misinformed. That bastard. I was actually surprised to see that he was the only one to come up with a way to NOT to dress in red. I expect as the parties move on to more difficult colors there will be more of that.
We are planning on having one of these color themed parties every month, or so. This one was so much fun that we are definitely going to have a few more. What shall the next color be though?? Some people suggested green, or yellow..... Toast and i were talking about maybe doing GOLD. We shall see......
Check out the photos from the party! Click on the images below to see the whole set. I didn't take any out of the studio- i will make sure to do that next time. Let me know what color we should do next!
john and trixie in Red
Toast, Philo and Jillian

Photos for Philo

My uncle, Philo is an amazing artist specializing in assemblage art and Art Cars. He is currently on his 5th Art Car- which to my knowledge puts him in a very small elite class of artists. The only other Artist I know of that has made that many ArtCars would be David Best. The big difference with Philo is that he uses his cars as daily drivers- taking his art with him everywhere. He does not have a "regular car". His Art Car is his car. And it is beautiful!
Philo also does assemblage art and has recently completed some amazing work. I went to his house this weekend to take photos of his most recent pieces.
There are photos of another assemblage artists work in this post too. Jack Devore is a good friend of Philo  and considers him a kind of mentor. Jack is an original old beatnik and has the uncanny ability to make master work by gluing two pieces of trash together. How does he do it?
I dont know how he does it- but obviously he told Philo the secret.
Below is a piece by Philo (i dont have the work's title) check out a small taste of Philo and Jack's work by clicking on the photo below......philo northrup art
Philo in Daisy Singer

Playing with my new lights

So i finally got the chance today to play with my lights for a bit. I put a list together of objects ranging from human sized to tiny tiny sized things to photograph. I am very happy with my new strobes, though i still really like using hot lights for some things. Hotlights feel to me like painting or drawing, where strobes feel more like designing.You have to put some more for thought into the strobes, but you can do some really cool stuff in the end.
Oh- and i FINALLY took some nice photos of some Because We Can products, like lapdesks and a magazine/portfolio holder. I can't wait till next friday when i get to take photos of all people in RED at our Red Party!!
Till then, here are some photos of what i did today. Click on one to see the rest in Flicker.

New, old photos of rock stars

Browsing through some of my old photos, I realized how much I love taking pictures of people, and making them look like rock stars. We all have some rock star in us, some desire to be a rockstar, and bringing that out is incredibly rewarding. So i decided to post up some of my old photos. This is a set of jobs I did a while back, rockstars and rock star- esque people alike. Enjoy!
- click on the photo to see the flickr slideshow.

More Googie and cool neon signs from Reno

We went to Reno, NV over the holidays and I was able to add alot more into my Googie sign photo collection. I'm going to be making a book of all these photos sometime in 2006. But first i need to go down to LA and up to Seattle to capture their signs. Below is one of the photos from Reno. If you click on it, you will be taken to the images on my Fliker site of all the Googie sign photos I have taken so far.  You can see the ones from Reno at the end of the thumbnail images.

Sandman Motel- Cool old neon


we_buy_cars.JPG, originally uploaded by jillianisaphotographer.

The googie sign compelation is still at work- but i have just added a few more photos from San Jose.... a mecca of old googie signs and general wierdness. I am really starting to like San Jose.
Home of our Googie sign God: The Western Appliance Store sign. I need to go back and take these photos and more at night.... when they truly shine.

robot face

DSCN7806, originally uploaded by jillianisaphotographer.

this is a high-tech robot cleverly made to look like a wooden shack

Googie Signs in East Bay- First night

This weekend Because We Can did a little night photography. We drove down East 14th St from Hayward to Oakland taking photos of the Googie signs and the just palin cool signs  (and there's a photo of a store that sells all Rims too- sooooooooo East 14th Street!)
take a look at the choice photos from that night on my Flickr site.

I am working on pulling the images from flicker into this blog.... we'll see how that works next post.......

All photos copyright Jillian Northrup


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