Claire Rementilla

Office Manager

Claire is Because We Can’s office manager & office nanny. Her versatile role includes everything from taking care of Viva (Jeffrey and Jillian’s daughter), marketing, making tasty lunches, photography, gardening, research, planning/hosting work events and keeping the shop bright, happy and organized. Claire likes to think of herself as Viva’s big sister, and together they indulge in curious, playful adventures.

She studied cultural anthropology and women’s & gender studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Despite her formal education, her most valued skills lie in dealing with people: social navigation, advocation, communication, and empathy (while building strong relationships). She can also write, take pictures, and make food/art very well.

An arbitrary list of things Claire likes: Zumba, constant background music, bacon, magical realism, the endless combinations of edible ingredients, Rick and Morty, baby kale, conversing with different minds, and coffee, of course.