ClifBar Office Promotional Walls

Client: Clifbar
Services: Design collaboration, material recommendations and fabrication.

Mission: Over the years we have done various projects for Clifbar, including many internal office projects for their ongoing effort to keep their office a great place to work. The Diner themed wall encouraged employees to participate in philanthropy and community work. This wall showcases what employees are currently doing and projects they have worked on in the past. Recycled materials and bikes are big themes for ClifBar, so we integrated them into this fun 1950's diner theme. The tree wall is a way they award and congratulate outstanding people within their company, adding a leaf to the tree for each person. We helped with quick and affordable design, creating more trees to attach to this uneven, troublesome wall. Other projects we have done for Clifbar include the Clifkids portable trade show kiosk, and the LunaChix promotional wall.