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Come see Jeffrey talk about automation in the building industry at Autodesk University 2017!

Honored to be included in this wonderful and broad event. Autodesk University is the conference for all things Autodesk, which means it's THE conference for most 3D and CAD related things you can think of.

I've been invited to give a talk on a topic that's dear to my heart, and one we've spent the last decade working with, and that's automation in the building industry.

It's called 'Talking with Robots about Architecture' and it's a more detailed, deeper dive into the subject, but along the lines of the talk I gave at The Interval a year or so ago.

I'll be presenting our ideas on how to think about automation when applying it to your job and business, general approaches to take when automating things, and how to make yourself somewhat future-proof so you won't get automated out of a job. With lots of case studies and real-world examples both from our business and the industry, I'm excited to be offering up what I hope is the best talk I've given yet on this subject.

So I'd love to see you at Autodesk University on Thursday!

Job Opening Junior Designer: Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Fabrication

We are looking for someone with experience using Autodesk Revit and a passion for Architecture, Interior Design and Digital Fabrication.

Must be a quick-learning, easy to work with & excited about this industry.
Graphic design, rendering and/or programming skills a plus.
This position is for a part or full time person who is good at working in a production environment. Architectural or interior design work experience is another plus, but not required. The majority of the job is picking up redlines and fleshing out Revit models. Great for those looking to learn a whole lot more about Revit from our small team of world-class Revit users.

This is a full-or part time position for the next 3 to 4 months with the possibility of it becoming an ongoing position.
Hours are flexible.

Please send us a resume via e-mail and your portfolio of work as well as a few lines about why you want to work here at BWC.
We look forward to meeting you.


Join us this Friday, August 4th for our Open House!

Summer is here, so let's have a party! It's our August open house this Friday, August 4th 5PM - 9PM

We'll be opening our doors and talking about our work, making new friends, snacking, and raising a glass to all the wonderful people we work with.

Hopefully with no preceding backhoe incidents this time.

Please join us!

In the design office we'll be showcasing the biggest architecture project we've tackled to date. Exciting! We'll also demonstrate some new fancy CAD tools that help us make extremely complex organic shapes very quickly.

While down in the shop we'll be showing off prototypes for a few products we'll be launching later this year as well as mock-ups of a complex wood rib ceiling we're making for a modern home.

Kids welcome, but it is a shop and a party. Lots of sharp corners around here. And they might learn some interesting new words!

Friday, August 4th 5PM - 9PM ish
2500 Kirkham St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 545-9275

Click here for the Google Map.

All are invited, so come on by! We'd love to see you.

Talking with Robots about Architecture

When The Interval at Longnow launched its speaker series, we jumped at the opportunity.
Giving a talk in a subject we are passionate about in a space we designed was a delightful privilege.

The Interval at Longnow has just launched it's updated website, and with it, videos of a select speakers.
We are proud to be able to share this awesome presentation that Jeffrey McGrew gave: "Talking with Robots about Architecture"

Jeffrey McGrew is "the co-founder of Because We Can, the architecture/design firm that designed The Interval at Long Now, talks about the future of building: automation, communication, and whether "robots" will change everything.
An informed and realistic overview of how architects and builders use automation today and how they may use it tomorrow."


Faceted Ceiling Design

Earlier this year we completed a faceted ceiling design in a vibrant downtown Oakland office.
These faceted panels were designed to cover up the installed ceiling infrastructure, help with office acoustics and add visual interest.


The complex ceiling panels had to integrate into the new infrastructure being put in place.
Working closely with the owners and the other contractors involved in the renovation, we used 3D scanning & BIM management to make the project a success.

C:\Users\Jeffrey McGrew\Documents\Mosaic_JeffreyMcGrew5619

The panels were created in smaller units so they could be easily brought into the space.


A pattern of perforations were cut into the panels for aesthetic interest and acoustics.
Sound absorbing material behind the perforations help with this open office sound issues.


Bold gold and white colors now cover the ceiling in a dramatic effect.


Now a dramatic effect as the ceiling is in place. Bright colors reflect light downward to create a brighter office without harsh lighting.
The bounce light off the panels is a soft light, the panels are beautiful to look at and the sound acoustic material helps with office noise.
Form and function working well together make for another successful office space!


Read more about this project on our portfolio page.

Why can't we make buildings the way we make cars? A short clip from Jeffery's talk on automation in construction

So why can't we make buildings the way we make cars? Here's a short clip addressing that from Jeffrey's larger talk 'Talking with Robots about Architecture' he gave at The Interval back in February of 2015. Later this year the whole talk will be online along with many other wonderful talks given at the Internal over the last few years. But in the mean time you can find a much shorter version here, or if you've got a venue, Jeffrey would love to come and give this talk again. Enjoy!

Join us this Friday, March 3rd for our Open House!

It's time for our March Open House! This Friday, March 3rd from 5PM - 9PM

We'll be opening our doors and dancing (with robot arms), drinking, snacking, talking, making new friends, and raising a glass to all the wonderful people we work with. Please join us!

In the design office we'll be showcasing some recently completed architecture and design-build projects, along with our new 3D scanning and real-time walkthrough technology that lets you walk around the inside of the building before it's built.

While down in the shop we'll be demonstrating our newly expanded capacity to digitally fabricate very complex shapes in sheet metal.

Kids welcome, but it is a shop and a party. Lots of sharp corners around here. And they might learn some interesting new words!

Friday, March 3rd 5PM - 9PM ish
2500 Kirkham St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 545-9275

Click here for the Google Map.

All are invited, so come on by! We'd love to see you.

Big wall, Big Sign

A really big wall needs a really big sign! And this really big sign now adorns the really big wall at Clifbar in Emeryville, CA.
This now covered wall is a nice addition to this large common room used for all hands meetings.


We love supporting our local client's renovation needs, and Clifbar is always up to something interesting!
Working with the aesthetics of Clifbar in mind, we collaborated with the Clifbar team to come up with this raw plywood finish, lightly color tinted in three different tones.
This gave the sign a subdued patchwork assembled look that goes with the Clifbar branding.


Installing this piece up high was a big tall job, but nothing we can't handle. Just another big job for a big wall!


BWC NewCo session - Feb 7th

We are getting excited for another year of being involved in the Bay Area NewCo event!

We will be hosting a morning session on Feb. 7th at 9:30 AM -- at our main office in Oakland.
It will be a fun & engaging hour.
Jillian and Jeffrey will be giving a tour of the office & fabrication facility, as well as giving a presentation of the back end of Because We Can.
We'll talk about how we work together in house and with outside contractors, using the best tech we can get our hands on to coordinate our projects accurately and efficiently:
an ever moving target in the construction world.

See the full schedule of events and host companies here.
Get 25% off ticketsby using our promo code: BayHC

Hope to see you there & here!


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